A report on three utopian societies the mormons the shakers and the oneida community

The vision of a grim and gray future is just as much a fantasy as that of a perfectly ordered society, but somehow it is the grim one that now captures our attention. If those title phrases have passed into general usage, as the word utopia once did, it is because they stand for things that we urgently want to talk about.

A report on three utopian societies the mormons the shakers and the oneida community

Community structure[ edit ] Even though the community only reached a maximum population of aboutit had a complex bureaucracy of 27 standing committees and 48 administrative sections.

All community members were expected to work, each according to his or her abilities. Women tended to do many of the domestic duties. As Oneida thrived, it began to hire outsiders to work in these positions as well. They were a major employer in the area, with approximately employees by Complex marriage[ edit ] The Oneida community believed strongly in a system of free love a term Noyes is credited with coining known as complex marriage, [5] where any member was free to have sex with any other who consented.

Women over the age of 40 were to act as sexual "mentors" to adolescent boys, as these relationships had minimal chance of conceiving. Furthermore, these women became religious role models for the young men.

Likewise, older men often introduced young women to sex. Noyes often used his own judgment in determining the partnerships that would form, and would often encourage relationships between the non-devout and the devout in the community, in the hopes that the attitudes and behaviors of the devout would influence the non-devout.

Contained within the archives was the journal of Tirzah Miller, [9] Noyes' niece, who wrote extensively about her romantic and sexual relations with other members of Oneida. Charles Nordhoff said he had witnessed the criticism of a member he referred to as "Charles", writing the following account of the incident: Charles sat speechless, looking before him; but as the accusations multiplied, his face grew paler, and drops of perspiration began to stand on his forehead.

The remarks I have reported took up about half an hour; and now, each one in the circle having spoken, Mr. He said that Charles had some serious faults; that he had watched him with some care; and that he thought the young man was earnestly trying to cure himself.

He spoke in general praise of his ability, his good character, and of certain temptations he had resisted in the course of his life. He thought he saw signs that Charles was making a real and earnest attempt to conquer his faults; and as one evidence of this, he remarked that Charles had lately come to him to consult him upon a difficult case in which he had had a severe struggle, but had in the end succeeded in doing right.

Under these circumstances, he has fallen under the too common temptation of selfish love, and a desire to wait upon and cultivate an exclusive intimacy with the woman who was to bear a child through him.

This is an insidious temptation, very apt to attack people under such circumstances; but it must nevertheless be struggled against. Charles had indeed still further taken up his cross, as he had noticed with pleasure, by going to sleep with the smaller children, to take charge of them during the night.

A report on three utopian societies the mormons the shakers and the oneida community

Taking all this in view, he thought Charles was in a fair way to become a better man, and had manifested a sincere desire to improve, and to rid himself of all selfish faults. In Male Continence, Noyes argues that the method simply "proposes the subordination of the flesh to the spirit, teaching men to seek principally the elevated spiritual pleasures of sexual connection".

Of around two hundred adults using male continence as birth control, there were twelve unplanned births within Oneida between and[15] indicating that it was a highly effective form of birth control.

Sociologist Lawrence Foster sees hints in Noyes' letters indicating that masturbation and anti-social withdrawal from community life may have been issues. Oneida stirpiculture The community introduced a program of eugenicsthen known as stirpiculture, [18] in The experiment yielded 58 children, nine of whom were fathered by Noyes.

Once children were weaned usually at around the age of one they were raised communally in the Children's Wing, or South Wing. If the department suspected a parent and child were bonding too closely, the community would enforce a period of separation because the group wanted to stop the affection between parents and children.

The surpervisors made sure children followed the routine. Dressing, prayers, breakfast, work, school, lunch, work, playtime, supper, prayers, and study, which were "adjusted according to 'age and ability'. Some of these privileges included not having to care for their own children as Oneida had a communal child care system, as well as freedom from unwanted pregnancies with Oneida's male continence practice.

In addition, they were able to wear functional, Bloomer -style clothing and maintain short haircuts. Women were able to participate in practically all types of community work. Through the complex marriage arrangement, women and men had equal freedom in sexual expression and commitment.

A woman's right to satisfying sexual experiences was recognized, and women were encouraged to have orgasms.

A report on three utopian societies the mormons the shakers and the oneida community

She points out that while both sexes were ultimately subject to Noyes' vision and will, women did not suffer any undue oppression. The previously mentioned unorthodox marital, sexual, and religious practices caused them to face some criticism.

However, between the community's beginning in the s until the s, their interactions with wider society were mostly favorable.Some utopian societies withdrew from the outside world altogether, such as the Shakers. Others were able to achieve the delicate balance of social and economic interaction with society, such as the Mormons, Amana Inspirationists, and the Oneida Perfectionists.

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Very few of these utopian societies survived however, and the Oneida community was the only was that lasted for any significant period of time. (srmvision.com). Women, Family, and Utopia: Communal Experiments of the Shakers, the Oneida Community, and the Mormons (Utopianism and Communitarianism) [Lawrence Foster] on srmvision.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

An examination of women's roles, family relationships, and sexuality in three unorthodox 19th-century communal /5(3). Noyes founded Oneida Community in , goal was o alter relationship between sexes, Noyes took doctrine of perfectionism to extreme, members of Oneida community were allowed to have relationships with the consent of the community and an examination of the couple's motives, Noyes experimented by selecting combos of parents to try to produce.

There is some historical background on the Shakers as well as the community's basic principles and beliefs and a daily schedule of activities at their homepage. Report broken link The Oneida Community. List of Major Utopian Movements in American History. Search the site GO.

History & Culture. American History Mansion House Oneida Community. Public Domain the numbers dwindled until the most recent figure is that there are three shakers left today. Today, you can learn about the past of the Shaker movement at locations like the .

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