Over 20 years ago K-TEC began making home grain mills. Success with the grain mill led to the development of a home bread mixer. A blender was incorporated into the design of the bread mixer and the combination proved to be a huge hit. As the smoothie revolution was heating up inblending companies turned to K-TEC.


Get Blendtec Pro The winner for the Best Blender is all about the best blender for a home kitchen. At this level, both blenders can basically make the same quality of blends. So we start looking at the smaller differentiators.

And for many home cooks, noise is a big issue. Winner On Price This is probably the easiest one to make a judgement on. Both of these blenders are the best residential blenders offered by Vitamix and Blendtec.

But if you were in the market to buy the best blender offered by Vitamix or Blendtec, the Blindatec A wins hands down on price.

The Winner For Best Blender This is where Blendtec takes some of their restaurant grade innovations and brings it into the home. Instead, this blender is designed for a regular home kitchen, which means it is fully self-contained and portable. This is about as close to a restaurant grade blender you can get for the home So we cap off this Best Blender competition with the winner being the Blendtec Blindatec Who Has the Most?

Any of the models sold by either company has more than enough power to handle the ingredients you put in—and, yes, that includes smartphones.


The truth is, most people Blindatec have a tough time telling the difference between a smoothie made in a Vita-mix and one made in a Blendtec. They both produce a smoothie with a creamy consistency, and they both can heat up a soup using just the friction created by the spinning of the blades.

When comparing pure horsepower numbers, Blendtec has the slight advantage here. Every Blendtec model that discloses their horsepower number is rated at or above 3-peak horsepower. Most Vitamix blenders are only rated at 2-peak horsepower, with the exception of Next Generation models like the Professional SeriesProfessional Series, and Creations Elite, rated at 2.

In the horsepower battle, Blendtec is the winner. But good enough is sometimes all that is needed to provide similar if not the same results for smoothies, juice, nut butters, and the like. And they each produce food that has very similar results.

Blendtec match here is a pretty even draw. Both companies offer seven year warranties with their new blenders that cover both the blender bases and the containers for normal wear and tear. A point to note is that the new Vitamix Ascent blenders come standard with a 10 year warranty. You can also upgrade the Certified Reconditioned models from 5 years and add an additional 3 years, getting a full 8 years of warranty.

The Art of Blending If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then it stands to reason that this matchup largely comes down to user preference.

Without question, the blenders produced by either company are quite large and bulky. These models are often too tall to fit under the standard kitchen cabinet if you plan on storing the container on the base. These newer models should have no problem fitting under standard kitchen cabinets.

So kitchen cabinet height becomes less of a concern. The Twister Jar is only 16 ounces but it is also considerably shorter than the other 2 jars and is great for someone who usually makes a thick frozen smoothie for one person.

Allowing this to be your main jar freeing up lots of cabinet height room. Who wins the design battle? We have to give it to Blendtec only because they have always been designed to fit under standard kitchen cabinets. Blendtec has the edge here by offering the cheapest high-performance option, with full 7-year warranty, their Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished.

The Difference that Makes the Difference Finally, some major contrast! The controls are intuitive and provide you with precise control over the speed with the twist of a dial. The one exception would be the Next-Gen Series That model was the introduction of the first capacitive touch screen by Vitamix.

Inthe Vitamix Ascent introduced digital screens, but still rely on knobs, either manual or digital.

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Blendtec has taken a more high-tech approach to the controls by implementing either an illuminated touchpad or built-in buttons with presets and speed controls. Many prefer the Vita-mix for its simplicity. But others are always looking for the latest in technology and are big fans of the more technical Blendtec controls.

Those are 2 of the most popular models, so it got a lot of attention naturally.Blendtec vs Vitamix! Two of the most popular high-powered blenders go head-to-head in a closeup {unsponsored} look to see which blender really is the best!

Blendtec vs Vitamix! Two of the most popular high-powered blenders go head-to-head in a closeup {unsponsored} look to see which blender really is the best! Home; About. Blindatec San Antonio. See Foursquare profile and more for this business.

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