Brief survey of american literature

Colonial literature[ edit ] Because of the large immigration to Boston in the s, the articulation of Puritan ideals, and the early establishment of a college and a printing press in Cambridgethe New England colonies have often been regarded as the center of early American literature.

Brief survey of american literature

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It typically comes in waves lasting 20 to 60 minutes caused by peristaltic contractions of the ureter as it attempts to expel the stone.

Risk factors[ edit ] Dehydration from low fluid intake is a major factor in stone formation. High dietary intake of animal protein[11] sodiumsugars including honey, refined sugarsfructose and high fructose corn syrup[16] oxalate[17] grapefruit juiceand apple juice may increase the risk of kidney stone formation.

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A study found that diets low in calcium are associated with a higher overall risk for kidney stone formation. For example, by increasing urinary calcium excretion, high dietary sodium may increase the risk of stone formation. Magnesium inhibits stone formation. Consumption of animal protein creates an acid load that increases urinary excretion of calcium and uric acid and reduced citrate.

Urinary excretion of excess sulfurous amino acids e. Excessive vitamin D supplementation may increase the risk of stone formation by increasing the intestinal absorption of calcium; correction of a deficiency does not.

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The complete staghorn stone forms and retention occurs.

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Smaller solids that break off can become trapped in the urinary glands causing discomfort. Displaced stones travel through the ureter.

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Brief survey of american literature

Depending on the chemical composition of the crystal, the stone-forming process may proceed more rapidly when the urine pH is unusually high or low.

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Other endogenous inhibitors include calgranulin an S calcium-binding proteinTamm—Horsfall proteinglycosaminoglycansuropontin a form of osteopontinnephrocalcin an acidic glycoproteinpro thrombin F1 peptide, and bikunin uronic acid-rich protein.

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A brief guide to American Literary Periods, including the Colonial, Renaissance, Beat, and Contemporary, along with examples. A Brief Overview of American Literary Periods. Search the site GO.

Brief survey of american literature

Literature. This era in American Literature is responsible for notable first works. Literature survey on S-Box Design. A Ciphers By Ritter page. -- Kam and Davida Kam, J. and G. Davida. Structured Design of Substitution-Permutation Encryption Networks. The course is a chronological--and necessarily highly selective--survey of English literature and highlights writers and texts from five general periods in English literary history: The Old English Period (c.

), weeks ; Able to develop and write brief, well-developed, and tightly focused literary analyses. Top: Text.

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