Crepe paper

Scissors You will need one full sheet of crepe paper orange, pink, yellow, etc.

Crepe paper

The size of the flower depends on the amount of crepe paper you cut. For larger flowers cut longer lengths of paper. Older kids can also do this project.

Trim your crepe paper into one long piece as noted above. Cut one edge of the paper with a zig zag edge. This will allow the crepe paper to more easily fan out and will provide a sweet decorative look to the flower edges. Fold the wire over the bead and then twist it around the other side of the wire to secure it in place.

This will be you stem and flower center. Then begin wrapping it with the trimmed crepe paper. As you wrap, pinch the Crepe paper of the crepe paper and gently fold it while fanning out the zig zag edges. Fold and pinch, fold and pinch, got it? Add glue periodically around the base as you pinch it to secure the flower together.

When the crepe paper has been fully wrapped around the stem, pinch the base tightly together. Gently pull on the stem to tighten the center of the flower around the bead.

You want it to be as tight as possible at the base as this is what holds the flower together. Continue wrapping the tape all the way down the floral wire to form a meaty stem.

In 30 minutes I bet you can make 6 more…. Tips If you want to make larger flowers cut longer lengths of crepe paper. The caveat is that crepe paper is not very wide so your flowers will never be big and bushy but rather sweet and delicate.

If you want big, gigantic paper flowers try making them out of tissue paper.

Crepe paper

Add a dollop of glue or Mod Podge on the stems and underside of the flower base after making each flower. This will help the floral tape stay in place. Crepe paper flowers are delicate! They can be re-fluffed after a good crushing but will never quite look as pretty.

I tested this and my flowers faced immediate crushing, tearing, and unraveling…. Crepe paper can also be tightly would around the base in lieu of floral tape. You will need to securely glue the base of the flower if you try this method. Get creative with the cutting!HAVE you ever wished you could suggest a use for the interesting stones that children bring home?

Here is an idea. By adding crepe-paper mache to these rocks, the children can produce interesting creatures of the imagination. Nov 26,  · In this Video you will learn How To Make/DIY Beautiful Red HIBISCUS/ROSEMALLOWS /CAMELLIA JAPONICA - using Streamer Crepe Paper - Step By Step - DIY so Easy!

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