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Find schools offering marketing programs Event marketing strategies leave a lasting, brand-focused impression of fun by grabbing the attention of a group of people who are gathered together. If executed successfully, event marketing will provide each of them with an experience that will resonate in their minds. Event marketing is entering a guerrilla era where the physical and the virtual cross paths, offering new options for marketing professionals who create buzz over a service or product.

Event marketing

Getty Images As much as stunt can seem like a dirty word, marketing through stand-out events has never been so maverick. Whether you call it event marketing, experiential marketing, live marketing, participatory advertising, or any other moniker, this is a brave new world of blowing things upbuilding in a technological overlay to real-world placesand convincing otherwise sane passes-by to dance or change clothes in the street -;all with the motive of engaging consumers.

We talked with some of Event marketing smartest minds in experiential marketing to find out how they pull off memorable events-;and make sure there's significant consumer engagement long after the event is over. Here's what they told us. Create an event within an event. I just got back from Sundance, and we were doing VIP and celebrity shuttling to events in our vehicles, and the goal for us is to create an event within the vehicle.

For Ray Event marketing we did a truth-or-dare themed campaign. We have video within the shuttles, and asked the passengers truth-or-dare questions, and were giving away free sunglasses. We had people dancing in the middle of the street, we had people telling us their biggest secrets.

And that was not only fun for participants, but became a huge hit online after the event. We try to make it almost mass media, where they're telling their friends to go here, or watch this video, and we create a whole social-media event around it.

Why does it work? People go to these things to experience new things, and we're giving them that. They want to share it with their friends naturally when they see something cool.

Employ GPS and real-time event tracking. It's something that someone can participate in and watch and see in real-time. You don't have to be there in the streets of New York to see it-;you have a whole other community that can go along with that experience.

That connection with another event, is really new and the power of new is huge.

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Our event management tools help you take care of the details. Getty Images As much as stunt can seem like a dirty word, marketing through stand-out events has never been so maverick.
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Event Marketing Best Practices and Resources - Marketo The job of advertising products by selling or providing them at events in order to gain new customers. The job of advertising different events so that people will go to them.

If it feels like a different experience-;if it captures your fascination, that's what really gets passed along, and builds the press and community around it.

It's what flash parades were two years ago-;that's the scramble in many ways. Has anyone done this before? Will this be felt like a copycat?

Event Marketing | What is Event Marketing?

It's all about staying new. People have gotten used to 3-D technology, projections, and augmented reality that to have them at events feels a lot more natural today. I'd say augmented reality is a great technology you can use in the live space for project demonstrations. A couple of years ago it would have felt a lot more awkward, forced, and generally very Minority Report.

QR codes are pretty invisible at this point, too, becoming much less awkward, more natural, and that lets them become sparks for natural interactivity. It's the kind of thing that's not what people think of as traditional event, but it's experience in the public domain that gets attention, and really can have the potential to get the attention online just because it's cool to watch.

Use ubiquitous social networking as a conduit for exclusivity. The first thing that's happening is that I'm seeing a lot of brands encouraging people to become fans right there on site.

It used to be that you'd have to have a computer there and encourage people to sign directly on your machine. Now, you can offer a direct reward, a prize, a premium, for fanning the product right then and there on their smartphone or mobile device.

It's giving them some real immediate value. Immediate liking and friending is becoming more popular. I've also seen a lot of exclusive access to existing fans. You promote the event you're going to be at on Facebook-;and you say, 'hey, if you're going to be there, here's an exclusive thing for our fans,' whether it's parking, a free T-shirt, meeting a musician or DJ.Because the success of a marketing event is so heavily dependent on presenting a brand to a physical audience in an exciting, interactive way, a specialized school that teaches students about breaking marketing tactics is an excellent way to build knowledge of event marketing and create new ideas.

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What is Event Marketing?

Create a Facebook fan promotion to build buzz—like discounted tickets for early birds. 92, Event Marketing jobs available on srmvision.com Apply to Event Planner, Event Manager, Wedding Planner and more! Event marketing is a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers at special events like concerts, fairs, and sporting events.

Event marketing

Brands use event marketing entertainment (like shows, contests, or parties) to reach consumers through direct hand-to-hand sampling or interactive displays.

Maximize your event marketing strategies with unique industry insights and worksheets, including 7 secrets to events that outperform expectations.

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