Maintaining satisfaction memo

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Maintaining satisfaction memo

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Employee Performance Appraisals Employee Performance Appraisals An employee performance appraisal is a process—often combining both written and oral elements—whereby management evaluates and provides feedback on employee job performance, including steps to improve or redirect activities as needed.

Documenting performance provides a basis for pay increases and promotions. Appraisals are also important to help staff members improve their performance and as an avenue by which they Maintaining satisfaction memo be rewarded or recognized for a job well done.

In addition, they can serve a host of other functions, providing a launching point from which companies can clarify and shape responsibilities in accordance with business trends, clear lines of management-employee communication, and spur re-examinations of potentially hoary business practices.

Yet Joel Myers notes in Memphis Business Journal that "in many organizations, performance appraisals only occur when management is building a case to terminate someone. It's no wonder that the result is a mutual dread of the performance evaluation session—something to be avoided, if at all possible.

This is no way to manage and motivate people. Performance appraisal is supposed to be a developmental experience for the employee and a 'teaching moment' for the manager. They are as follows: To improve the Maintaining satisfaction memo productivity To make informed personnel decisions regarding promotion, job changes, and termination To identify what is required to perform a job goals and responsibilities of the job To assess an employee's performance against these goals To work to improve the employee's performance by naming specific areas for improvement, developing a plan aimed at improving these areas, supporting the employee's efforts at improvement via feedback and assistance, and ensuring the employee's involvement and commitment to improving his or her performance.

All of these goals can be more easily realized if the employer makes an effort to establish the performance appraisal process as a dialogue in which the ultimate purpose is the betterment of all parties.

To create and maintain this framework, employers need to inform workers of their value, praise them for their accomplishments, establish a track record of fair and honest feedback, be consistent in their treatment of all employees, and canvass workers for their own insights into the company's processes and operations.

A small business with few employees or one that is just starting to appraise its staff may choose to use a prepackaged appraisal system, consisting of either printed forms or software.

Software packages can be customized either by using a firm's existing appraisal methods or by selecting elements from a list of attributes that describe a successful employee's work habits such as effective communication, timeliness, and ability to perform work requested.

Eventually, however, many companies choose to develop their own appraisal form and system in order to accurately reflect an employee's performance in light of the business's own unique goals and culture.

In developing an appraisal system for a small business, an entrepreneur needs to consider the following: This entails meeting with each employee every six months or once a year and discussing an individual's work performance and progress since the last discussion.

Feedback can be provided verbally, without developing or using a standard appraisal form, but in many cases, legal experts counsel employers to maintain written records in order to provide themselves with greater legal protections. As a company increases its staff, a more formal system using a written appraisal form developed internally or externally should always be used, with the results of the appraisal being tied to salary increases or bonuses.

Whether the appraisal is provided verbally or in writing, a small business owner needs to provide consistent feedback on a regular basis so that employees can improve their work performance. Alternative Work Schedules Employees working alternative work schedules—working at home, working part-time, job-sharing, etc.

An alternative work schedule may require different duties to perform a job and these new responsibilities should be incorporated into the appraisal.

A small business owner should also be careful to ensure that these employees are treated fairly with regard to both the appraisal and resulting promotions. Company Goals and Desired Performance The performance of employees, especially in a smaller firm, is an essential factor in any company's ability to meet its goals.

In a one-person business, goal-setting and achieving is a matter of transforming words into action, but moving the business towards its goals in a larger firm means that the employer has to figure out each person's role in that success, communicate that role to him or her, and reward or correct their performance.

It also means that the appraisal should incorporate factors such as collaborative ability and sense of teamwork, not just individual performance.

Measurement provides another objective element to the appraisal. Ideally, measurement would be taken against previous performance, whether of the individual employee, the group, or the company at large.

If a company is just developing its appraisal system or does not have a baseline performance to measure against, it should develop realistic goals based on business needs or on the similar performance of competitors. Pay Increases and Promotions When developing an appraisal system, a small business owner needs to consider the connection between the appraisal and pay increases or promotions.All items are the original first printing in Near Mint condition or better (no major flaws such as pinholes, tears, creases etc.) unless otherwise just a dealer, we maintain one of the world’s largest archives of this type of material for documentation Religion Casualties Concert Poster.

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This original 11x17 inch telephone pole poster was printed to advertise punk. A customer appreciation letter is a type of formal business communication that is used to maintain long term professional of the reasons for sending an appreciation letter are to recognize a loyal customer, a first-time customer or to appreciate something a customer did .

Maintaining satisfaction memo

The availability of courtesy transportation to customers whose vehicles are within the warranty coverage period and involved in a product program is very important in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Improving Staff Satisfaction: What Nursing Home Leaders Are Doing (1) This paper was created in by the AHCA Quality Improvement Committee for the purpose of shar- ing what nursing home leaders are doing that improves staff satisfaction in key areas.

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Knowing how to write a resignation letter is important especially if you are employed. Chances are that you will always be on the lookout for a better joy in terms of satisfaction and remuneration.

When it finally happens that you want to move to your new job, the resignation letter is a crucial.

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