Performing a tight line in bass fishing

This article is a draft that contains only a fraction of the material that I will eventually publish as a book. Some sections and references in this article are incomplete and will be expanded in the book, including never-before-published material from field research on Boogie Woogie by me and others.

Performing a tight line in bass fishing

Going out today I decided to try a spot where heavy southerly winds often push fish into this area. One hour into our first pass though and I was doubting my decision, but eventually the fish started to turn on there better and by the end of that pass, we had 16 walleyes in the cooler.

We shortened up the second pass through the most productive area and caught 10 more. At that point things were looking pretty good, but after that though the bite slowed down considerably as it took us nearly the full eight hour charter to finish off my clients 32 walleye limit.

We stuck with a very high percentage trolling spread all day taking almost all our fish off the six Church Tackle Walleye Boards.

In fact we didn't catch any walleyes on my two flat lines until the last hour or two, which is odd since all sets were pretty similar, being close to bottom. Speed also did not seem to be much of a factor as we got them going slow, medium and fairly fast too.

This will be my last fishing report for the season as I only have a short stint left this year on the water and with only a couple open days left on my schedule, I'm winding down. About the time we hit the water though, the winds cranked up form the south and were topping 20 knots.

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We started our first trolling pass in three footers, but by the time we had almost finished that pass, the waves were exceeding five feet, so we called it a day. There are a lot of fish in 30 to 35 feet of water though right out in front of Au Gres, and we did managed to land six walleyes this morning there, but there were also a lot of floating weeds in that area today too and lots of bait steeling little fish.

We did see some young of the year walleyes in the catch today and yesterday, which were about four inches long and are a good indication of yet another good walleye hatch for the Bay. The weather is predicted to turn even worse for tomorrow with even stronger winds predicted along with a high chance for rain and T-storms too.

Considering that, my charter for tomorrow has already been cancelled. Hopefully things improve by Sunday. On top of that, it was windier than the weatherman predicted this morning with a stiff Southwest went blowing in the high teens.

We right out in front of Au Gres to keep out of the bigger waves and on the first pass we tied into about 10 walleyes. We then made another pass and the bite slowed up some on that run, so we then made a move to another spot but upon arrival, it was pretty riled up there.

We did have some decedent action there though for a while, but when the wind shifted more westerly and picked up steam, the bite stopped completely.

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We also caught a couple yellow perch, some catfish and sheephead today to, so even though the walleye bite was fairly slow at times, my clients from Milwaukee, WI did have decent action.

We caught most of our fish today on or close to bottom trolling at all sorts of speeds below 2. Monarch butterflies have been migrating through heavy all week as they make their to Mexico and Central America. Some days we are seeing hundreds if not thousands of them flying down the Bay.

Then the wind shifted suddenly to the east and that bite died almost completely. Knowing there were fish in that area, we stayed there for another hour waiting them out, but during that time the wind shifted again back to the southeast and the action remained slow.

We then made a move towards another spot, but noticed a lot of fish on sonar on the way there so decided to set up for a quick trolling pass to see what they were. We trolled there for perhaps 20 minutes and the only thing we caught was catfish, so we pulled lines and moved on.

The next spot also had lots of marks on the sonar, but they were all over the water column and trolling there produced some nice walleyes, but it was still inconsistent action that came in spurts.

One of my clients was pretty sea sick by then, so they decided to call it a day early but at least three out of four of them told me they had a great time. The sea-sick person did catch some fish and had fun with that, but was not very happy looking until he got back on dry land.

Performing a tight line in bass fishing

We caught fish both suspended and on bottom today with no program really jumping out as superior. Some of the fish hit so light that I never even knew they were on the line.

This was a teaching charter today though where my client was trying to learn some tips to help him out on his boat and actually a slower day of fishing is better for a learning experience where we are fishing multiple spots and doing different things.

Certainly reeling in one fish after another on a charter is fun, but you will certainly learn a lot more when the fishing is not easy, which was the case today with lots learned. We first ran to deep water where a friend of mine did well on Friday, but in two hours of fishing there we only had five walleyes in the box, so we picked up and ran to another spot that produced well for us on Tuesday.Combine the traditional shad profile with hyper-realistic finishes, and you get the eye-catching Lunkerhunt Hatch Natural fishing lure.

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