Pride and prejudice and bridget jones diary essay

Its action roughly echoes the plot - but in the midst of a quite different moral world.

Pride and prejudice and bridget jones diary essay

Characters and the Plot 3. Heroes and their Antagonists: The Presentation of Men 3.

Bridget jones diary pride and prejudice essays

Elizabeth Jones meets Bridget Bennet 4. The Role of the Family 6. Different Time, Different Style 6. From Metaphors of Love to cheeky Chicklit 7. The Importance of Coupledom and Marriage 7. List of Sources 1. Introduction Bridget Jones is a chain-smoker and a hard-drinker.

She is messy, slightly overweight and, even worse, she is still single. Clumsy Bridget spends her time downing drinks with her crazy single friends and strolling around the office with her little skirt.

She is one of 5 daughters, polite, sophisticated, selfless and, due to her education, she would never compromise herself in public like Bridget always does. In fact, there are about years between both works but they are indeed comparable.

Among these changes is the role of women, for instance. In several decades of feminism women have fought for equal rights and against their oppression.

These days, women can live independently from men, have careers and are not engaged with knitting, singing or playing the piano all day long, anymore.

Single households have become more and more common and popular, while in the 19th century such a trend was unimaginable Whelehan These are just some social circumstances that have changed and that lead to some indispensible alterations and differences of the characters and the plot of the novels.

The fact that the main themes are absolutely the same, strengthens the parallels between the literary works, and also reveals several aspects the British society has not been able to change in the last years.

How are the protagonists presented, and what does this presentation say about the society? What alterations in style had to be made and for which reasons? Which themes are brought up in the novels and why are they still relevant? These are just some questions the term paper intends to answer.

Characters and the Plot Before going into detail, there is a need to reveal the most obvious similarities considering the plot and the characters. Most readers probably do not recognize that the opening scenes of both novels are somehow alike, as well as the whole framework of the plots.

The heroes behave rudely and appear to be too proud. Consequently, the heroines are hurt and have prejudices against the heroes. Following the plots, the final romances of the lovers are disturbed by several obstacles the protagonists have to overcome; among them are pride and prejudices.

At the latest when it comes to some characters the reader realizes the parallels between the novels. The most striking similarity is certainly the character Darcy.

Both are handsome and charming and hurt the heroines. Another parallel aspect is the frivolous affair between Mrs. The hero is Darcy in both cases, as he helps the family of the heroines.

Jones, the mothers of the main characters, resemble each other as they desperately try to marry off their daughters.

This obsession with finding a good match also leads to a link between Bridget Jones herself, who is fixated on catching Mr. Bennet, whose sense of live is finding wealthy husbands for her daughters Whelehan The following 3 chapters give a detailed comparison of the main characters and also have a look at the parallels and the differences in consideration of the time the novels are set in.

Sure, there is no Tom in Pride and Prejudice, but the concept of the hero and the bastards are perfectly applicable to the characters of both novels.

She had this figure in her mind when she brought Mark Darcy into being. As Bridget is highly influenced by media, she has not missed the film Pride and Prejudice. She loves the romantic story and compares Fritzwilliam Darcy with Mark. Darcy is preferable to Mark Darcy considering his attractiveness, but when it comes to his behavior she thinks that Mark is more polite Whelehan There are indeed much more parallels between Mr.Bridget Jones's Diary is a highly imaginative interpretation of the novel Pride and Prejudice, so different to be hardly recognizable.

Directed by Sharon Maguire in , one hundred and eighty-eight years after Pride and Prejudice was published in , with that, Bridget Jones's Diary would seem be quite diverse to Pride and Prejudice. By Bridget Dorizzi Dialogic Essay - ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ Discuss the similarities and differences in the was that Austen and Maguire portray the restriction faced by women.

Jane Austen's romantic fiction, "Pride and Prejudice" has been successfully transformed into a post modern romantic comedy "Bridget Jones's Diary", composed by Helen Fielding/ Sharon Maguire.

Bridget Jones’s Diary Essay Sample. The whole doc is available only for than the book does. The film plays up the connections to Pride and Prejudice, which is evident in the casting of Colin Firth as Mark Darcy, who also played Mr.

Darcy in the popular Pride and Prejudice BBC mini-series. where Bridget and Mark didn’t get together.

Pride and prejudice and bridget jones diary essay

Bridget Jones Diary is based on Jane Austen’s most memorable love story, Pride and Prejudice. Bridget Jones was released in , starring Hollywood actors such as Colin firth, Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones.

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