Project case study presentation

Reviews Represent any case study in a professional and crisp manner with the help of this editable PowerPoint Template. Every sector requires working on case studies and executing a series of research before coming up with a plan. From marketing executives to researchers, academicians to students, sales employees to media journalists - the presentation will be of great use to professionals of every sector. A case study is such a crucial part of every sector - finance, healthcare, education, e-commerce, engineering, operations, marketing, and so much more.

Project case study presentation

Screen of settings and editing profile This screen contained standard settings: Due to the fact that many screens were required and the convenient transition was needed, the designer chose to construct the application with slide menu.

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The sandwich button on the left enabled opening the menu panel for the transition to different sections. Also, there was the list of users recommended for following. These recommendations were based on musical tastes, location, circles of friendship etc. In iPad version, the split-view was implemented.

The sandwich menu and slide menu were set on the left edge of the screen. The size of the posts adjusted to the tablet. is now

In the mobile application, the difference between Android and iOS is that the design of the upper bar navigation bar for iOS and action bar for Android has different functional abilities.

In general, action bar for Android, in addition to navigation, includes filters, sharing, data about the current screen. Considering these UI peculiarities of the action bar for Android, the content of slide menus was reflected identically in both versions as the acceptable controller for both operating systems in the aspect of mobile applications.

For Android version design was completed according to the guides of material design so the structure of slide menu was the same as for iOS but the appearance was different. For the web version of the service, the designer used typical structure when header and slide menu duplicated the functionality of the application with alterations on the size of the desktop for the web-version.

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Therefore, there were more posts visible in the feed in case of adaptation of mobile application to the web. As it has already been outlined before, the application was created for fast and easy usage in everyday situations, so from the user experience standpoint, any experiments and extreme innovations in the typical scheme of social network could scare users, make them feel the application confusing and result in poor user experience.

So, the main area of designing something original to distinguish the application was UI. The following animation was used on the player screen: The background of the screen was blurred with the round unblurred central part, around which the effect of the rotating playing record was created with typical visual details.

The visual design of the screens was distinctly distinguished according to their functionality. The screens of entertaining character feed, profile, navigation bar were designed with wide application of blur effect: However, a standard screen such as settings or profile editing were designed in the simple style with light background and dark text.

The feed screen reflected the stream of friends and included the artwork being the album cover for the composition playing, the avatar and name of the user whose post is playing, location, the name of the song and the playlist it is downloaded from, the number of likes, views and online listening.

One more screen designed here was extended feed screen. Tapping or clicking on the stream, the user could obtain extended data including all the information from the feed screen described above together with detailed review of the comments, opportunity to leave the comment, make a repost or share in any social network linked with the application.

Practice shows that sometimes ideas, which look brilliant on the first glance, turn out to be absolutely impractical for target users.

That happened with the first version of the Echo project described above. The thing getting the most negative feedback from users was blur effect in extended feed screen. The screen looked dirty and the text seemed unreadable. Animation and non-standard effects demanded long loading that is unacceptable for such simple operations.

The feed screen contained too little body of the stream with overloaded controllers whose functionality was not really essential on that screen. So, on the basis of user feedback, there was made the decision to change the design of the screens. The solution found for them was the following: To provide the maximum of cleanness and simplicity, all the screens were designed with a light background, elegant and laconic uniquely designed icons.

The feed screen contained fewer data and the posts had a bigger size.

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Extended feed looked much simpler although saving the idea of animation. Transition from feed to extended feed was realized by tapping or clicking at artwork on the feed screen: To make it even more convenient, in the case of vertical scrolling of this screen the big image of the artwork hid into the navigation bar leaving the place for the content below.

Web-version was simplified to the one-page site with the functionality of viewing the screens and profile. Work on this project gave our team valuable experience.

Moreover, Echo project also proved that a designer should always be ready to update or even redesign his work and this decision has to be based on real testing of the product.THE PROJECT PROPOSAL: CASE STUDIES 8 chapter Introduction Current Gaps in Crash Data Gathering Selecting Intersections for ing activities leading to a project examples in this chap- Organize and package the information for presentation to the.

Case studies give you the chance to show – instead of just tell.

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The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification supports the international community of project management professionals and is designed to objectively assess and measure professional knowledge in the field of project management.

Searchable database of past project case studies, 2. a predictive tool that estimates economic impacts based on already-built projects existing in the case study library, 3. Analysis Tools for analyzing Accessibility, Reliability and Connectivity. The Case Study / Case Studies Method is intended to provide students and Facultys with some basic information.

This Case Study Method discuss what the student needs to do to prepare for a class / classroom, and what she can expect during the case discussion.

Project case study presentation

We also explain how student performance is evaluated in a case study based course. Project Management -The Wedding Plan Project Case Exercise. Topic- The Wedding Plan Project Case Exercise. Level- Project Management – Exercise 4: This exercise is NOT related to The Wedding Plan Project case.

It is an exercise to familiarize you with Risky Project Software (either stand-alone or MS Project-integrated) and, more importantly.

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