Should college be free

A century ago high school was becoming a necessity, not a luxury; today the same is happening to college.

Should college be free

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. While this may sound like a large sum, it could actually save money. First of all, the government is currently spending billions of dollars on for-profit schools and other colleges and universities that have very low graduation rates.

In fact, what is going on in the state of California is that as students get priced out of the University of California, they either drop out or go to community colleges.

Meanwhile as community colleges are defunded, they are forced to cut their enrollments and raise their fees, and the result is that students end up going to high-cost for-profit schools that have a very low graduate rate.

In other words, in the current system, everyone pays more, and we produce fewer graduates. If students did not have to work while in school, the graduation rate would improve drastically, and students at universities could graduate in four years instead of six or more years.

In fact, the biggest reason why students drop out of higher education is that they cannot afford the high cost of tuition. Not only is higher education seen as a key to economic advancement, but if all year olds were in college, we would reduce the unemployment rate by 2 million people, and fewer people would be in need of governmental assistance.

Moreover, a federal program to fund higher education would relieve states of having to fund these institutions, which would free up money for other needed services. Furthermore, by removing the need for students to go into debt, the government would allow graduates to be more productive, and they would have more money to spend, which in turn would act as a stimulus for the economy.

Of course, there are reasons beyond economics to provide free higher education. Not only do we need a more educated workforce, but we also need more educated citizens.

It is also important to point out that people with higher education degrees report a higher level of health and happiness. In fact, societies with a high rate of degree attainment have lower crime rates and higher rates of social welfare. While President Obama has endorsed the need for the U.

Should college be free

Not only do we need to push our politicians to support free universal higher education, but we have to show the voting populace that a federal program would help to alleviate the incredible expense that postsecondary education now costs middle-class families.

Along with funding higher education, the federal government could also rein in costs by setting realistic caps on tuition increases. Moreover, by improving access and affordability, the government could improve the quality of instruction by forcing schools to concentrate their spending on research and instruction.

Instead of schools spending money on lavish amenities, universities and colleges could be motivated to concentrate their resources on reducing class size and hiring more full-time faculty.

While few people would now reject the idea of compulsory K education, it is now time to make college universal and free.Learning Should Be Free.

Yes, college education should be free. A college education should be provided for every child who wants it. And this should be provided free of charge. It is morally wrong for a teenager and their family to be forced to incur thousands and thousands of dollars in debt for an education.

The idea that college should be free for everyone — in the same manner as public elementary and secondary school — is based on the supposition that everyone can benefit from college, and that unless one attends college there is no place in the workforce for him or her. Making college tuition free would eliminate this reason for not graduating.

This would also serve to improve college’s graduation rates, as fewer students would feel the need to drop to part-time status or take a break from education for financial reasons.

We also need to stop this mentality that college is the only way. The trades are booming. And because you do not have a degree does not make you a lesser person. College should be . Supporters of tuition-free higher education say it is an investment that benefits all Americans. But opponents say expecting taxpayers to shoulder the cost is unfair.

Jan 20,  · Democratic presidential candidates are divided over how much should be done to ease the cost of higher education. Tennessee is offering free community college tuition to all its high school .

Should college be free
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