Sky sometimes you have to let

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Sky sometimes you have to let

Pep Guardiola has expressed his delight at proving his doubters wrong by winning the Premier League with his philosophy. I want to ask you something. How important is the guy that is always alongside you, Manuel Estiarte? How important is when you have your doubts and your difficult moments?

All the staff are so important. The players and I are here with the media all of the time but behind us we have a lot of people helping us. Of course the manager feels completely alone in the bad moments, they are always alone and feel alone.

So to have friends close to you that help give perspective on what is going on, what happened and what will happen helps you a lot. People only see three points, wins and losses when behind that are feelings and people who love.

Fazza on Instagram: “Sometimes you just need a little bit of “Joy” 😁 يسلّم عليكم جوي 👋🏼”

To be with them is so important. What was the moment this season when you realised the players understood what you wanted from them? In pre-season against Tottenham, that was so important. I know pre-season games are friendlies but they showed we could play in different ways.

There was a moment at half-time and after the game when we told the players not to forgot what they did that day, because that was the level we had to maintain. That level was so, so good in terms of the result and the way we were hungry and aggressive with and without the ball.

After that there were two or three moments. After drawing against Everton, winning at Bournemouth in the 97th minute was so important.

It was an international break after that game so doubts could have crept in had we gone into that with two draws. Winning against Liverpool when we came back was important too, that got us on our way to 18 wins in a row.

When you win 18 games in a row that gives you a big chance to be champions. Also during those 18 games at the beginning to going and winning at Stamford Bridge. The way we played made people start to believe and then we won again and again and again and the record was 13, 14 and That was so, so important because we knew we could lose one game.

In the last period, winning in London at Arsenal and then Chelsea at home made the big difference to be champions. When Kyle Walker came to Manchester City, I think everyone thought he was going to play high and wide, making runs into the box and crossing the ball.

But you had a different view as to what his job would be. I think he has been so helpful for the team but no one saw him playing on the inside. How did you think about that? We bought Kyle for his qualities. He has quality going forward, up and down the flanks, up and down.

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Lyrics to 'The Moon And The Sky Remix' by Sade. / You have the keys to the car / You have every star / Everyone of them twinkling / Baby, what were you You could have let me love anyone but I only wanted you Sometimes you get what you need Now what you think you want?

So MAYBE no moon and sky, YET a beautiful sun.

Sky sometimes you have to let

Chorus: Sometimes Alleluia, Sometimes Praise The Lord Sometimes Gently Singing, Our Hearts In One Accord Oh let us lift our voices, Look toward the sky and start to sing. SkyShed Roll Off Observatories, Makers of SkyShed Observatories. backyard observatories Sky And Telescope Hot Product We sell Roll Off aka Roll Away Observatory Plans online, Kits and do complete observatory installations within K of Toronto Canada.

Sky sometimes you have to let

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