Teen pregnancy using functional and conflict theory

We found some answers as below for this question "What are the three perspectives of sociology",you can compare them. Functionalism, Conflict Perspective, and Symbolic Interactionism are the three perspectives of sociology. I see people against it for religious reasons and moral reasons, perhaps sometimes personal reasons. How can i relate the three main sociological perspectives to drug?

Teen pregnancy using functional and conflict theory

Shelby regularly talks to me about how many of her friends and people she knows happen to have kids. To do a study on this social issue, I would approach it from the perspective of a Structural Functionalist.

Teen pregnancy using functional and conflict theory

A functionalist looks at society as a bunch of interrelated parts or structures. Each of these parts serves a purpose in forming society and helping it function correctly. When an issue arises in society, a functionalist would look at it as a flaw in one of these structures and to fix the issue, that structure must be fixed.

A functionalist would look at this problem of Teenage Pregnancy as a flaw in the structures of society, such as the education system, that is not functioning correctly. I believe that there is a major flaw in the educational system of Tennessee. In teenage pregnancy rate ranked Tennessee as the 9th highest teenage birthrate out of the 50 states Texas was 1st, Utah 45th Guttmacher Looking at this from a functionalist perspective, I would say that something within the educational system needs to change.

Teen pregnancy using functional and conflict theory

It has almost become a social norm among teenagers in Tennessee to have a child. The norms of the teens seem to begin to clash with those of the adult in Tennessee. This clash in norms leads to a flaw in their society. To properly fix this I believe that action must be taken within the educational system to teach the teens the negative sanctions of having a child.

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This would lead to society functioning as normal once again. Do you think that this is an appropriate approach at this social issue? Do you believe that this is even an issue that needs to be fixed?

How do you suggest it should be fixed? Here is a video about teenage pregnancy in Tennessee. What do you think should be done?The Sociological Perspective and Teenage Pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is a trouble for many and an issue for society. In order for it to be reduced, something must change on a macro level The main perspectives are symbolic interactionism, conflict theory and functionalism.

Full transcript. More presentations by Ari Nikbakht. Teen pregnancy also has a negative effect on bachelor’s attainment, although the effect is concentrated among those least likely to be pregnant and disappears as the probability of teen pregnancy approaches Conflict Perspective on Family as a Social Institution This assignment is on conflict theory on family as a social institution.

Conflict theorist stress that the . Teenage childbearing Teenage pregnancy Effect heterogeneity Socioeconomic attainment Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article (doi: /s) contains supplementary material, which is available to authorized users.

The appreciative turn As part of a broadly based turn against functionalism in the second half of the 20th century many sociologists began to distance themselves from what David Matza (), in his book Becoming Deviant, dubbed the ‘correctional’ perspective found in functionalist theories of deviant drug use and adopt what he called an.

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