Therapeutic relationship reflective essay

What is a therapeutic relationship and why is it important? It is a helpful and equal relationship between you and your client, Dougherty supports the theme that central to the therapeutic relationship is the patient, reliant on others to help them during a time of ill health. Hobbs describes the key characteristics of a therapeutic relationship as divided between patient and carer. The carer demonstrating respect, empathy, tolerance, self-awareness, good communication, always receptive and having confidence in her ability, maintaining a safe environment in which to work and care for her patient.

Therapeutic relationship reflective essay

Describe about the Report for Reflection of Therapeutic Relationship. I was in the psychiatric ward having a 3 weeks clinical placement for mental care in my 4th semester. In the ward patients were encouraged to walk out of the ward towards a small cafeteria during meal time.

During lunch time I noticed that Patient A, who is a77 years old diagnosed with Schizophrenia is sitting on her bed and not heading towards the cafeteria. She was having tremors and was unable to control her muscles in her legs. These tremors are usually caused as a side effect of the anti psychotic drug she was being given.

Therapeutic Relationship In Nursing Essay

Due to her mental state she was unable to understand this and was getting agitated. At first I introduced myself and approached her to build a rapport with her.

I asked her whether she wanted to take her lunch or not. Due to these tremors she was unable to walk unassisted and was unable to feed herself. I checked the chart for her diet and got her lunch from the cafeteria. Through her chart I got to know that she was on a soft diet as she has difficulty in swallowing.

After that I took her permission to feed her but she only looked towards me in a blur. In empathy I imagined myself in her place and assumed that due to her age she may have an issue with hearing. I touched her shoulder and raised my tone and at the same time made gestures to feed her.

She understood my actions and nodded her head. Luckily the non verbal communication in the form of gestures and facial expressions helped me to convey my message to her. I maintained eye contact with her while feeding her as to show that I am interested in feeding her. She cooperated well and enjoyed her meal.

In my evaluation I made the right decision in approaching Mrs A and feeding her. I had used my interpersonal skills to establish a rapport of mutual understanding and sense of trust.

When sense of trust exists between a nurse and a patient it builds a relationship that raises the patient self esteem.

This helps the patient to communicate well with the carer and in this case it was in the forms of facial expressions and actions. It is important for a nurse to be trustworthy, caring, and to show empathy.

Therapeutic relationship reflective essay

As our communication was non verbal it included postures, gestures, and facial expressions. I attended Mrs A to show my empathy towards her as she was unable to walk and feed herself.

As it was my duty to care for her.

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One of them was a 70 year old male who had diabetes mellitus, end stage renal disease, gall bladder gangrene, gout, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. I had observed that he seemed to be lonely and did not mingle with other patients.

No family members visited him. During interacting with him I came to know that he thinks that he is a burden on his family due to his numerous medical conditions.

He had expressed his desire to die instead of living with so many diseases. He also told me that no one showed concern, care and love for him.

During our conversation he mentioned numerous times that he wanted to die.Nov 21,  · Madagascar periwinkle argumentative essay describe your childhood essay a narrative essay on a narrow escape overuse of internet essay, age discrimination in employment act of essay international labour day essay anti war essay similar to slaughterhouse five masters dissertation length ukulele, kashmir issue essay quotations mla a pox on your narrative essay reduce water pollution .

A therapeutic relationship is helpful in promoting holistic care as assessment and care planning which occur as an integral part of the relationship, can be tailored individually to include all aspects of a person’s needs.

Therapeutic relationship Using a model of reflection. E.g Gibbs Reflection cycle, the reflective account should provide evidence to demonstrate knowledge and . Therapeutic Relationship - 1a. Explain your understanding of a "therapeutic relationship" with a client.

A therapeutic relationship with a client is a well planned and goal oriented connection between the clinician and the client in order to meet the therapeutic needs. Within the present reflective context, the author felt as though there was a distinct lack of trust in the therapeutic relationship, primarily due to the fact that a patient would often wish for their expectations to be met without heeding specific .

"THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIPS" USING THE GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLE WORDS This essay will explore the use of the Gibbs reflective cycle upon the development of therapeutic relationships within health and social care contexts.

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