Understanding the steiners model on programming preferences and broadcasting

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Understanding the steiners model on programming preferences and broadcasting

Is the obvious explanation always true? Does that make sense? Otherwise, the mobile phone conversation can swerve too close to baseless so far conspiracy theories that seem more fiction than fact. I have draw no conclusions, just a feeling.

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Which I realize probably has no scientific merit. I have a fairly organized mind as well. Do you have any conclusive evidence in a different direction. Not sure about the echo chamber comment. I am open to any explanation on this topic.

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If anyone has thoughts, theoriesor concrete evidenceplease post. Mobile phones are being used to control people in some way Requirement 1: Wifi or telecoms signals must be emitted which affect the human brain in a specific way as to result in a change of behaviour Requirement 2: The resultant change is desired by some group or organization.

The link must be complex or just a few non-conspiracy member experts in X waves, communication or the human brain would realise and announce their findings. Mobile phone technology seems like a reasonable development alongside other technologies which have emerged radios, computers etc.

If behavioural changes are made by radio waves we would expect to see early experimenters with this technology reporting such behaviours.

If small behavioural changes are being made by mobile phone use then would we see large changes around intense signals? Beyond mobile phones themselves large amounts of radio and wifi signals are not considered hazardous, Radar has been used for decades and you can approach a radar tower without any special protection or ill effects.

Areas of high intensity wifi signals likewise apartment blocks where every apartment has wifi, internet cafes etc are not associated with seizures or strange behaviours. This does not preclude a non-radio or wifi signal being emitted by phones but a special hidden radiation seems like a stretch.

The change would need to be subtle enough not to be noticed and large enough to be worth a considerable expenditure of resources and risk. We need something testable! Radio and wifi signals i would suggest are well understood by a large number of groups from doctors to engineers to operatives in a number of fields.

If radio or wifi signals DID effect changes in the human brain there would be applications for this in a variety of fields.

Understanding the steiners model on programming preferences and broadcasting

Perhaps cures for some cognitive disorder or behavioural illnesses. Could we look to cure diseases? Could we use such signals to calm rioters or increase spending in shops? I would like to share a simple mantra which I use when faced with any supernatural phenomenon.

I think this may, and hopefully will, offer some insight into the cell phone conundrum. This was previously posted under Major Memories and seems to fit well here. When you speak with someone outside of your home and your cell phone is with you make note of the conversation for the next hours without referring back to it at anytime.

Go to your personal laptop or computer and go to Yahoo. You may find that the topic you were speaking of shows up as a main article referencing the aforementioned. Another experiment for measure: Walk away and come back maybe 10,15,30 minutes later. Another thing, the words that are used to get your attention are important.

The English language is riddled with underlying suggestions etymology eliciting certain reactions. That was not my intention.Steiners comments appeared in an LA Times report yesterday exposing the Trump administrations decision to cancel the Obama era plan to limit gill net use off the Pacific Coast.

Commercial gill nets can be up to a mile wide and frequently trap endangered species like . A two-stage stochastic programming model for transportation network protection. even though stochastic programming model may be less sensitive to imperfect information than its deterministic correspondents.

Understanding of how decision makers’ risk preferences might affect their choices and eventually impact the effectiveness of the. THE INFLUENCE OF MOTIVES AND CONSUMPTION OF SPORT VIDEO GAMES ON SPONSORSHIP EFFECTIVENESS By BETH ANNE CIANFRONE A DISSERTATION PRESENTED TO .

Steiner's model on programming preferences and broadcasting choices tries to show how stations come to the conclusion of what programming to show. This model REQUEST TO REMOVE County, State gear up for the big day - . model is a person’s internal, personalised, intuitive and contextual understanding of how something works (Kearney and Kaplan, ).

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